Misha is a World traveler and has a rather eclectic background. Born in South Korea, growing up in Anchorage, Alaska is just the tip of the iceberg.  As a child, she was heavily involved in a gamut of extra curricular activities including, figure skating, dance, violin, voice lessons and constructing things on a small scale.

In addition to her creative work, West was an Olympic level competitive figure skater that later went on to become a pro skater and performed internationally for tens of thousands of people. It was through those international experiences of working with the press and creating/planning events that opened the doors to what would become her second calling in life. 

Her fine attention to detail, keen eye for design, constant crusade in creating something original and memorable makes her one of a kind. 

West currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. 




creative director. wardrobe/ prop stylist. interiors. event coordinator.